It’s Accessories TIME!

Spring Summer Accessory Trends

GOLD IS GOOD and Brighter the better!
Everything you need to know about Accessory Trends 2018 Spring Summer!
Anyone seen Chanel resort 2018? #Stunning, I’m Feeling Ancient Greece.
This is WHY Chanel is every girls dream. Either you are mainstream or NOT
Classic items are ALWAYS on point.

Dress-up accessories make your casual look much more expensive.
If you style with classic, you can’t go wrong.
Because our eyes find a beauty in harmony and balance. the KEY is how to style yourself.
like Coco Chanel once said “fashion fades but style remains”
Chanel started fine chanel jewelry line, Jewerly feels much more delicate and polished.
Originally Coco Chanel started Jewelry line to make women feel beautiful,
not to give an aura of wealth. Every girl deserves to feel beautiful regardless of price tag.
Whatever accessories you wear, wear it with confidance.
That’s what make you really stand out from the corwds.

Speaking of accessory trends, every accessories gotten chunkier and louder.
Versace 2018 spring summer collection was all about prints and patterns?
Now it’s get down to Accessory trend!

Big and Bold, It’s girl Business.

Versace stays on the trend pastels and prints for this spring and summer 18.
We seen a lot of leather choker last year ( I LOVE choker, It’s easy weapon to deliver your rock chic )
We see a lot of gold chokers this spring and summer trend. It’s fun, It’s hip and It’s amazing.
You can always layer with different length of your necklace as you wish more bulk.
Either you love your pastel trend or not, Gold is GOOD with any colors.
I LOVE simplicity, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Silver and platinum accessories.
It’s chic, feels simple and you get the clean look. No obligation whatsoever,
But with gold, you feel warm, luxurious and bold. #TryItOut
It’s like apples and oranges or is it Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling. Delicious!
Anyone remember Sharon Stone from the Basic Instinct? #CatherineTramell
Simple white with chunky gold. #Confidance and #OwnIt

If you are a fan of simplicity #Chic Try one big gold piece. It makes a statement.
If you are a fun loving #DieBeingMe They say Bigger, Bigger the Better.
During the fall and winter, I was obsessed with Romantic mood.
Listening Les Feuilles Mortes #AutumnLeaves and the windmills of your mind. I was feeling it.
I feel romance blossoming in every chic way.
I feel like I had to drink some black coffee maybe brandy by the fireplace in my cozy cashmere.
Sounds delightful right?
Ugh but honestly, I had enough.
So here’s my new year's resolution.
I want something fun, fresh, I want something brighter.
Not taking things too seriously, I want something more light hearted loving.
We always have the power to change things around right? Set your new goal, never felt better!
I’m feeling Mambo Italiano, I want Selena Gomez. You know what I mean?
Something light something FUN and “EASY” #HairFlip
Everybody know this year’s Versace Spring Summer collection 2018 was about contribution of
Gianni Versace. ( I just can’t wait for the show on FX! )
Loving this Fun vibe I get from the Versace collection. Prints and Accessories?
Bringing right back to my happy zone. I can’t feel my face, can you? I’m feeling more rock star,
feeling more pop and makes me move and shake. And YES you can sit with us.
Gold and chunky. Gold after gold. Big jewel after jewel. You can layer your accessories
either you are casual or dress-up for your night out.
Either you are more classic style like Gigi Hadid or rock start Bella Hadid, Blings are In.

“Speaking of Fun Loving and #FreshSpring ”
I wonder what Dolce and Gabbana accessories are up to.
Let’s look at Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2018 trend. Trust me, It’s fun!

“All time Fun Loving Spring Summer collection, 2018 Dolce and Gabbana Accessory time!”
Rise and Shine. Spring, here I come and you just brighten up my spring.

So Let the fun time begins. When I think about Dolce and Gabbana #HappyVibe,
my mind automatically goes to Anna Dello Russo. I know she’s gonna pull that off!
Of course she wears many different brands like EVERYTHING in every stylish way
and works her magic, mixing and match.
Trust me, it’s a lot harder then you think! I know many fashion editorial tried to pull it off, but there’s
something about her energy and vibe, Only SHE can deliver #Wonderwoman & #LessonLearn
All by means, Be yourself and own it. #NewTrends
Remember I told you about Coco Chanel started Jewelry line to make women feel beautiful,
not to give an aura of wealth? Plastic and brass can be more delicious than your gold.
Here’s Dolce and Gabbana and Spirit of Coco say it all.

“Don’t let the jewelry wear you out, you wear jewelry and own it with your condifance.”
Difference between fashion victim and fashionista?

Like Lisa Rinna once said “You own it” and that’s right. #FeelGoodWhenYouOwnIt
Going back to Dolce and Gabbana accessories, It’s fun, young and hip.
Mixing with Oscar De La Renta or even with Ralph Lauren cashmere dress,
this plastic will deliver unique combination and a little fun to your day.
That’s what Feelig good fashion is all about right? and These type of accessories are Perfect for
day and night. You don’t want to wear real big rocks on the street, unless you have a couple
bodyguards standing next to you.
Also these materials are made for a little more casual and easy to wear, but not too casual.
You still get the dress up vibe without trying too hard, and you still get the birght touch you need.
They are made for comfort and fun without losing the spirit. Wear it and feel your #neorgasm
You can truly enjoy your street and time to talk about Big, Bold, girls business.

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