Lisa Eldridge

“How to master smokey make up Lisa Eldridge way.
It’s not only affordable but also it’s chic and modern. Perfect for day and evening, it’s universal.”

Lisa Eldridge

is creative director and make-up artist well known for her make up skills on countless magazine covers
all over the countries and celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Cate Blanchett,
Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley, Katy Perry and many more.

Why Lisa Eldridge?

I’ve seen countless makeup tutorials. But there’s a difference.
She doesn’t necessarily make your makeup look good, but she makes you look good.
Overtime, while you looking at a lot of makeup tutorials, you would probably notice a lot of people
don’t realize how heavy their makeup gets. That doesn’t give you a natural look, but also
make you look much older. Don’t hide yourself behinde your makeup.
Learn your face, and learn what your best features are.
The trick of makeup is that, it should make you stands out in the right way, perhaps exaggerate your
best features or change how you feel by giving a different look.
Either you are young as Cara Delevingne or sensational as Cate Blanchett, Lisa Eldridge covers it all.

“Just like you are a painter, your face is canvas.
The only difference is drawing and coloring on your face.”

You don’t necessarily need to follow the guide line on your features, they are to guide you.

If you have a big stunning droopy eyes, but you feeling chic today? The trick is don’t follow
the guideline your face already have. Depeding on your mood and look trying to go for,
You can always change the little lines and give you a different look.

“If you prefer more classic for your evening? Watch the video below.”

This is for perfect for Valentine’s day make up, dinner dates and special occasion.
If you have to attend somewhere formal and want something more dramatic look?
Lisa delivers with just putting different lipstick. It’s perfect way to stand out, look the best and stay classic.

“If you prefer more classic for your evening? Watch the video below.”

This is perfect look for girls night out, somewhere you feel cool rather than stay classic.
It’s hip and edgy but stay chic. Lisa did this look for Cheryl Cole Cover on ELLE magazine.
Perfect make up with your motorcycle jacket. If you like rock and roll, must check this out.

If you want more makeup tips? Lisa Eldridge is the person to get to know and follow.
Check out her work and get more makeup tips on

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