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“It is important to have good surroundings.
That’s because our mood is effected by the surroundings.”

Cinque Terre

Now, that’s the power of interior Design. Have you ever been to the restaurant,
where you just don’t want to leave? Or the place where romantic blossming.
Paris and Rome, you get the point. It’s simple as that. Introducing interior designer behind
NEORGASM campaign 2018 spring/summer

Interior Designer Behind

Lake Grey

Cinque Terre

“I always find beauty in simple things”

Most of things we own, you don’t necessarily need them.
Start organizing, maybe you can donate thingsto organization or people who are actually in need.

Cinque Terre

Lake Grey was born and raised in Pennsylvania, spent his early years in Nantucket.

When he opened his door to welcome me in, I felt like I was walking into a vacation.
Scandinavian color palettes give you a comfort to your eyes and gold accent adds a bit of luxury.

“Personally I like dressing down for most of time. Growing up in the east coast and I always love
being near beach. I wanted to create something its near to my heart.”

I find his showroom quite welcoming, delightful and charming.
It was well balanced between casual comfort with a bit of formal elements through out the show room.
mixing with antique gold in casual set created magical harmony. It’s neorgasmic.

Cinque Terre

I was born and raised in the city and sometimes the city make me feel a little restless. I’m used to
and familiar with shinny objects and brand new car which some say never can get used enough.
I personally find well aged and antique furnitures always bring a little warmth to my heart.
It’s perfect way to add a little bit of interesting and unique mix to style.

“The dinning room has neoclassical round column table, and the column base sets
quite earthy and casual statement.”

That goes along with natural woven rug which brings out earthy,
sandy feeling like texture to the floor, delivers harmony and grounded feeling to the space.
I noticed antique crock pots in the cabinet which add a bit of colors which give you a quiet accents
but stay in neutral and settled way. Black medieval chandelier brings out a bit of mystery and
masculinity. Great thing the chandelier with shade, when especially hanging low,
you can get intimacy feeling you want. It creates perfect dinning room.

Cinque Terre

“It’s harder to leave your space empty than filling up.
When you play with your statement piece, let your room breath a little.”

As you walked into the bedroom; king size bed, antique impressionism painting, stylish brass lamps
and two antique chairs. Cut to the chase, comfort and relaxation. That’s my dream bedroom.
The bedroom colors stay very minial; black, white and gold, stunning french impressionism painting
stands out as an accent. All the beddings are simple white and lots of pillows.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Sometimes we start collecting so many things, it gets harder to show all the precious things you have.
Give them its own space to stand out. It will also create the space where your eyes can
take a little break. Often times busy space can’t give you the proper rest you need.
If you have a lot of things you haven’t used for years, it’s time for you to let things go.
Clean out your space, it’s more therapeutic than you think.
Now days, there are so many flat forms you can get rid of your “unwanted” items.
Somebody might want or need them more than you do.
Adding black not only give you an interesting modern mix to your antique set, but also work as an accent. Don’t be afraid of black. Most of times, it makes
things stand out and always give you chic fix.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

“Play with unusal items and object.”.

It’s always good to find surprising objects in unexpected place, which always draw people and start
making conversation. There’s a value, those of you antique lovers, already know something special in
well aged furnitures that satisfy your exclusive appetite, Bon Appétit! His comfort chic and delightful anqitues
brought me oasis in the city. It’s neorgasmic and super. Pay attention to little details.
Just like fashion, It’s all about little details. When it comes to details, what about wall sconces?
Not only lighten up your dark spots but also perfect for your romanic set. Trust me it’s everything.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Speaking of lighting, what about picture lights? It’s not only showcase better for your arts and painting
but also it works much better than hanging lights above your ceiling. Of course chandeliers give you
brightness you need, but that’s not too sexy in the mood for love.

Cinque Terre

If you have a small space, french doors are always a plus. Not only perfect way to open up your space,
but also give you a dress up look. For your privacy, you can always use curtains.
Curtains are amazing for your privacy, also filter the direct lights from outside.
We talked about lighting, and the lighting is everything.
The filtered lights always give you soft surrounding to your space.

Cinque Terre

“If your living space is limited, it’s better to have larger furnitures.”

That’s because large furnitures create more space for your comfort.
Speaking of a dream living room, we always want a little more space, but that’s not always the case.
This is how to style and decor your small living space, and great example of it.
Try propping up with few bigger objects rather than many small items. Just because your have a limited
space, no need to limit yourself in that thinking process. If you have small items, you can organize by
grouping them gives you larger effect in a limited space. His living room stayed the same earhty, neutral color
palettes, bring out comfort and accent in red and gold, gives you a glimpse of color and luxury.

Cinque Terre

“When it comes to styling, it’s all about mixing different elements togther.”

The richness in gold in old mixing with rustic hutch gives you interesting perspective, works like magic.
Especially when you have a small space and not many rooms to play with, it’s always smart to
mix formal and casual elements in the same space and seek the balance. Casual furnitures give you
the comfort you need, and formal objects give you the stylish dress up look for your living space.
Sometimes antique furnitues could make your place a bit heavy but if you use them correctly,
it will work like magic and bring so much character and charm. Antiques not only gives you warmth
to your modern space but also bring life to your thirsty desert.

“Shop one of a kind antiques which brings stylish living to your space.”

Mix and match to your modern space and add unique characters to your home.
All the antiques are one of a kind, and looking for love.

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