Fashion is Lifestyle and Culture, but what is Fashion really?
It’s NOTjust clothes. How does it effect you and your Lifestyle?
Latest Fashion Trends for Spring?
Here’s my thoughts that might changes your perspective in fashion.

The Power of Dress up. That’s right,

“The Power of Dress up.”

Moring I wake up. Trying to find the “right outfit” for the day.
Or am I getting used to the habit of wearing the same outfits.
Pretend, styling differently just putting on different coat.
You are NOT feeling it.
Nothing wrong with that right? No kidding!
UGH, I’m so uninspiring myself.

Now that needs to be fixed, NECESSARY.

Time for me to inspire and surprise myself, I feel super!

If my day looks all gray ( NOT in Loro Piana way ) passing by people just like everyody else.
It’s like looking at the painting, hanging at some gallery that no one stops by.
Ugh. That’s sad, isn’t it. Presented differently? Now something needs to be changed, SCORED!
When we can be extraordinary, why we choose to be ordinary ?
When we can learn to dress, why would I refuse? I dare you.

Before we get to know the real value and understanding the depth of the painting,
( Remember the sad painting I was talking about earlier? )
We don’t even give it a chance to get to know what’s behind.
I’m hoping to guide you to get more attention. More importantly, make yourself feel GREAT!
so what do you think?
But the key is “not losing yourself along the way.”
Now I feel Frodo all the sudden,
So much tempations, so many pretty thinigs and advertisers along the way.
That makes it harder to really find your own style or filter them out what’s working and what NOT.
“My Precious.” I know.
To get your precious ring delivered safely, you gotta go through the guys chasing after you with dark magic.
But in Fashion, It’s a lot less pressure. Yeah right.
Every moments we have in life is a journey right?
What good is life without a bit of challenge, sit back and enjoy the ride.
Did you know, how you dress changes “how you feel?”
I used to think Fashion is all about how you look and superficial.That’s so depressing, Isn’t it?
Speaking of which, Miranda Priestly giving you the look, I melted.
But that’s NOT what fashion is all about.
I leaned dressing up is not All That Jazz. ( Love JAZZ, Isn’t John Coltrane so good? )
It actually make you feel something special in your gut, not your orgasm way, but it’s kind of similar.
It changes your mood and even further, it changes your behaviors.
Like I was playing the role I supposed to play or was it really me?
#GooseBumps or #HairFlip
I know we all have good days and bad days. Think about what you wore on your good days.
I know you might looked super cute and got into a cat fight situration,
but GENARALLY speaking, you take your time putting yourself look good, you feel fantastic!
Also if you noticed, when you are dressed up, people usually treat you better. Remember treat people how you
want to be treated? Dressing up is about how you present yourself.
Even after hair pulling situration you got yourself into, you look still CHIC ( Be kind to people )
Some strange energy force instantly lights up a day with your morning coffee at the starbucks.
Buena Vista Social Club playing on the background, looking at the window,
Someone look so sensational. Wait, did I just check myself out?

WE have secret weapons, Accesories.
What can we do about during our sexy time? EVERYTHING!

The BEST part of Accessories?

We can wear it during our ptivate moment you share with your boy or girlfriend. Thy shall be worshiped every
moments of it. We all LOVE looking at delicate dangling things, don’t we.
( I don’t really get to watch myself during the session, Well,.. maybe a little sometimes. )
I looked so good in that chandelier esrrings ( Wink, and you know, you got it )
But TRUST me, YES TRUST ME, he LOVES watching you.
Bigger Tips? Garter belts MUST go under your panties. Brain storming,
Brain storming, Get it? and the Lighting is EVERYTHING!
( Don’t forget to hook on DIMMERS, seriously )

When it comes to Lingerie, Black is GOOD. Please no red guys.

Black always give you fancy and formal look. Also works like the magic wand tool.
Little spots on your legs? Gone with your hair flips.
It’s Quick fix, no need waxing ( wink wink ) and works like magic.
So small, it literally fits in your clutch #Investment

No matter how many insecurities we have, we are objectified by someone, so deal with it.

Some like it thin, some like it not so thin, some like it short and some like it tall. Get it?
It’s the type of orgasm you feel by wearing it. It’s the confidence.
Present yourself at the best and Live your life at bloosom.
I’m too old, too young, too thin, too big, stop with the excuses.
But don’t you dare try to be somebody else. That’s when you start losing your game. Don’t lose it.
You can’t possibly outshine someone, when you are only trying to be.
( I was gonna say “Wanna Be” but when I said it, sounded so mean ) But the point is, Let yourself shine.
Remeber the song “I’m gonna let it shine?”
Like I feel complete when I wear Stilettos before I walk out my house.
It’s like Cinderella finally finds her shoes. YES!

Reason why I LOVE Stilettos?

They always make my leg look so sleek. It’s pointy and angular, modern and SHARP. Karade Kid!
I personally prefer shorter on the nose, because longer the nose, the angle gets nerrower,
( girls gotta know their angle)
Makes my leg look a little thicker. Wait what?
You know what’s important? GREAT quality heels, espcially if It’s classic.
It’s easy to match and style with, trust me. You’re going to wear them a lot, and you do not want to be
uncomfrtable when you have to look so chic, and have longer life-time.
If you are on a budget, save some on fashionable heels and spend more on classic heels. #investment.
I seriously wear a lot of Stilettos, espcailly the simple classic ones. I have them in nude, black and white and of
Metallic just became my new classic and you can’t deny it!


My Advice?

Wear whatever makes you feel great in it. Most importantly something feels like yourself.
That’s the most important thing right? #Yolo Don’t let anybody defines who you are!
You always remeber, you have the power no matter what you do and decide
Try differen’t things, give it a day or to, see how you feel and learn your body type.
Gettng to know your body type is EVERYTHING. No matter what the latest fashion trends say, if you are NOT
feeling it, simply you are NOT feeling it. It’s about life style and choice right? Be smart of what you pick and select.
Classic clothes are ALWAYS a plus, because you will wear them a lot and easy to style with.
When it comes to fashion, it’s always about how you style with.
And pay attention to accessories! Sometimes when you put all the good accents on your body,
it’s hard to process. Unless you already know how to pull them out.
Adding more colors and accents, is like looking at Picasso’s abstract painting.
If you make it work, thats Fantastic.
Mostly eyes recognize shapes and colors first and with clothes, we can get some magic tricks.

Here is some tricks

This is when it gets really good. Low-rise is great for someone with longer waist line.
If I had a long waist line, what wouldn’t look good right? Ugh, that’s not my reality.
So I tried many differen’t jeans and One day I looked soooooo good, wait,
Is this the Power of Mid-rises?

If you have shorter waist-line, probably mid-waist line looks better on you

That’s because it brings you the sweetest illusion, thank god to mid-waist.
Your waist line looks much higher than original line is.

Why not high-waist?

Nothing wrong with 80’s look ( which is to die for ) but that’s like you are making a statement.
You seen the movie “To Die For?” Nicole Kidman was sooooooo good!

Okay, No distraction. Going back to detail on Mid-waist line jeans,
mid-waist line jeans are GOLD with shorter jackets.
That’s because it’s optimizing your waist line, tricks on STEROIDS.
It’s like having an orgasm ten times harder than your ex-crush.

Body type matters? Of course It does!

like I said earlier, knowing your body type is EVERYTHING!

If you have curve, embrace it like Monica Bellucci or Scarlet Johansson

Wear something more fitted, if you are OBSESSED with straight cardigans which is totally chic,
find something with belts. Jacket? find something more fitted and structured. Otherwise
you look actually larger than you are.

If you have straight line, pull it like Milla Jovovich or Taylor Swift

Find something with volume or even straight line, you would look still chic.
ALSO you can go with structured jacket, if you want a little hacks for curve you want.

If you have broad shoulder with smaller hips

Find something drapery on top and tie down on your waist, if there’s no tie?
Tuck it in and pull back, instead of hanging loose. Nip & Tucks right?
That will natually give you small waist line, and especially with mini volume skirt?
You will look super and the volume skirt will balance it out.

If you are regualr size girls

Wear something structured. That’s when the real magic happens.
I know a lot of girls talk about colors and prints, of course that works, but how come no one talks about this?
Structured jacket give you the right shapes and mix with something sheer underneath.
To be able to create “hourglass shape,” you can go with skinny jeans or narrower at the hem.
Be proud of what you are.

Get the concept?

That’s because our eyes naturally seeks beauty in harmony and balance.
That’s how Neoclassicism was born in mid-18th century by Gaspare Paoletti, if you are a fan of art and culture.

Again, no matter what sizes and shape you are, you are stunning and don’t compare yourself to others.
Be bold find your colors, be open minded and don’t be afraid trying new things.
That’s how we find ourselves right? No mistake, no gain!

Fear is the most common factor stopping us to be real extraorinary.

Living in the society where everybody judges everybody.
Of course you are wrong, when I ordered beef carpaccio, and they brought me some pork chop!
( you gotta be ballsy enough to admit yoru own fault ) but that’s okay.
You can KINDLY leave, just kidding.
Acknowledge it, talk it out and move on.
Almost everything in life is perspective, don’t you think?
Half cup full versus half cup empty. Your weakness can be your biggest strength when you own it.
So don’t be a social influence buyer.
So what’s the newest trends? Be yourself, find your own trends!
You can pick and choose the designers that suits your taste.
What good is fashion without a little fun?
That wasn’t a question, that’s a statement. Remember what you wear changes your mood.

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