Spring has arrived. I mean ARRIVED!


“Meanwhile I woke up beautiful” fashion continues @Dolceandgabbana, Pattern & Colors just gotten
BOLDER @Dolce and Gabbana. But before we get to the point, most designers start introducing

Pastels & Neutral Color Palettes for Spring Summer 2018

Pink, Nude, Baby Blue, toned down Greens are amzing ( almost like moss Green ) very earthy, comfort to your eyes.
Pinks are stilll VERY much IN, but much more soft, pastel palettes than last year’s Pinks.
( Didn’t we all love Pink fox fur by Gucci ).

Since so many people wrote about pinks and neutral, I’m focusing on greens, blues, white and greys and I will get into
Bolder patterns and Colors later on.

“Toned down color palettes are easy to style and fun to play with.”

Either you can tone down everything to make your pastel stands out, that’s a statement or You can simply adding
bright color for your accent.

Watching at the Chanel show was like looking at Monet’s painting : Colors are soft and pastel, accent on red and blue.
Chanel did again, AMAZING job on textures. Espcailly the colors and texture combined, REALLY reminded me Monet’s
brushing strokes and his colors. Either you like “Water Lilies” or “Grainstacks At Sunset” you get the point.
I’m in LOVE with Etro this season. Etro alwys deliver colors and patterns, in very ITALIAN ways we love. Etro knows
how to use colors very often in bold ways. This season, greens, white and greys stood out.
There’s something about minimalizing color palettes for this season is SUPER.
Accessories can be chunkier and can be BOLDER.

Louis Vuitton had Amazing embroidery on silk jacquard in pastels: pinks, nudes, silver and baby blue much more
up-dated luxury images than the previos collection, Louis Vuitton jackets and vests reminded me of Louis style, the
cuts, collars and cuff very Versailles, anybody seen the show? oh Louis Louis.
It was very interesting to see the jacket styled with silk boxers and sneakers, I would wear that jacket with white jeans
and stilettos, hair sleek back with red lipstick, you are READ to GO.
Versace was on point minimalizing the color and making a statement, also delivered in pink.
Speaking of CLEAN, I LOVE Prada. Delightful mixture, silk organza and chiffon.

“I’m SO feeling white on this spring summer!”

White is one of my Favorite colors for this season. White always give you instant dress-up look, chic and no matter what
skin complex you have, it looks good on anybody. Just don’t wear it on your friends wedding. #NotToDolist
Valentino, Etro, Louis Vuitton, Zimmermann, Givancy ( resort ) and Balmain, all name droppping fashon houses had white
on their collections. Either you can use color contrast with bold colors or pastels #trends, white delivers fresh and chic!
Chanel and Valentino has pastic materials for their clothes and accessories, perfect rainy day or not, Etro shows their
signature paisley pattern in much toned down in pastel, grey and simpe white styled with big chunky accessories.
Louis Vuttion shows different palettes of pastel, pinks and blues with.
Zimmermann’s amazing white in organza #ToDieFor, Balmain shows white in very constructed way.
Stylish and simple, sometimes less is MORE and you can really playing with accents.
Chiffon is always good for spring and summer. It’s airy and light, feel the breeze hugging through your skin.
Organza is amazing, because it gives you the volumn, still look Amazing even fighting against the summer breeze.
( If you are on a cruise, you know what I mean. Wind gets too strong, your hairflip doesn’t even work )

Here’s the PERFECT white jeans, you can pull off and style with #WhiteTrends
You can’t always FLYING AROUND in your chiffon skirt or trousers.
We need some jeans to support extreme activities you could get into while looking dashing.
Limpita has all the pastels you need. Settle but shinny silk embroidered, simple and fun,
not too strong you can easily mix and match for spring and summer.

“So This is the fun part of Spring Summer”

Zimmermann also had MANY floral patterns with deep, I mean DEEP V-line. Interesting mix of feminine flowes with
seductive deep v-line. I automatically went Natasha Henstridge in the Species. Big sholder in floral dress,
feminine look #Confidance. Speaking of the look of love,

“Versace Collection brought Gianni back. Gianni’s signature pattern & Warhol’s Pop Art”

with big chunk bright gold accessories.

Speaking of Gianni Versace, just in time for The Assassination of Gianni Versace FX January 17. Édgar Ramírez as
Gianni Versace, Ricky Martin as his Lover, Penelope Cruz plays Donatella Versace, EXCITED!
I love Donatella’s golden luxury vibe, I just really did miss vintage prints of Gianni’s collection. Remembering Gianni
Versace on the 20th Anniversary of His Death,
collection started with bright yellow leopard & crocodile prints #UniversialConfidance and #TryItIfYouCan
But I’m OBSESSED with Trésor de la Mer print! This print was actually still in used for home collection, now you can
ACTUALLY wear them. If you are into more clean modern look, you can trim it down by mixing with other pastels or
white jeans, with or without socks. Versace top on second left pic, white jacket and white jeans,
accent on big chuck nacklace.
Dolce and Gabbana opened the fashion show with signature “Black Italian Chic,” but
“You can’t always wear black. looking chic is important
but having fun is more important.”

When the pattern and colors start coming along, Dolce and Gabbana delivered all the goods and FUN.
Now you can laugh your SOCKS off. Remember I talked about “what you wear changes how you feel?
Your life can’t always be “La Dolce Vita.”
You look so good in it, but you can’t always be so dramatic and serious.
#SoMuchDrama. Break the cycle and you know it.
Where do I start with Balmain? Scored! I could almost do the whole article about this.
Balmain is all about texture texture and texture, and It was outstading. Balmain started with black and white, It was
perfect outfit for evening and cocktail. Much more dress-up and formal occasion, staying very cool and chic.
It’s hard to imagine looking like this for my resort ( becayse I automatically think of something more relaxing, staying
away from the “city look” I’m used to, but we DO go out and stay up at night ) I make an exception for this.
It definitely give you strong confident look, no one’s gonna mess with you.

“Speaking of resort, here’s some PERFECT outfits for resort and here is why.”

When I’m on my vacation, I go shopping, breakfast in bed, go out for dinner and party #Repeat.
So, what would be the perfect outfit? I do something easy on and off.

Power of QUICK FIX

As you ALL know and done it #GuiltyNotGuilty

we get carried over vacation vibe, drink “unusually” more than you could handle.
And next day, you are still on your vacation vibe, you CANNOT wait to go out and still shop.
I hate waiting on my girlfriends sooooo dressup for shopping taking hours getting ready,
don’t be rude now.

BOTTEGA VENETA, pastel #trends, sping summer collections 2018.
A lot of pinks and nudes, lavender, greys, white my favorite #Sharonstone. Bottega Veneta stayed chic as always,
keeping their luxury vibe extrmely well without losing spring summer color trends. Watching Bottega Veneta collection
spring summer, I realized they had no BUDGET limit on the models. I saw Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin,
Baldwin, Kaia Gerber, can i take a break? Emily Ratajkowski, Vinctoria Ceretti and Bella Hadid #familyreunion.
Wasn’t there a movie what everbody talked about so many holywood starts in one movie, but it was like so bad,
nobody wanted to go see it? This is like totally Opposite. It’s like watching the avengers movie. Speaking of which,
Isn’t there a new batman movie coming out with Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa ( hottie alart ) #WinkWink Aquaman?
Bottega Veneta did an AMAZING job mixing colors and accent on their leather goods, red, turquoise, lime green and
for clothes nude tone, pinks and white and CAN’T get over the LAVENDER, Those flats!

When I watched Doloce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2018, ugh just perfect for my shopping and vacation.
It’s Easy on and Easy Off.
For your dinner, just slip your stockings on #InstantDressUp and change your shoes. Good to GO.
Maybe a little make up change ( nude lips to red, add a little black on your smokey )

Dolce and Gabbana started with simple black BUT, When the colors and pattern started, SO NEORGASMIC.
It’s the perfect outfit for Paris and Rome, down town Soho Manhatta, vacation to Capri or St.Tropez?
Anywhere else you can think of? YES!
Perfect spring summer getaway, You got it. Flowy and light, I see a lot of silk chiffon dresses, lots of patterns, I mean
A LOT and I get the resort vibes. Sunny day on a cruise or Lazy day afternoon. #ShoppingTherapy, when It comes to
Shopping Therapy, #Goodvibe is important.
“Wear something makes you feel energized.” It’s like Instant Vitamin C.
Super fresh and energizing. Did you know Vitamin C and Collagen gotta go together? SO NESESSARY.
( The antioxidant properties of vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital mol
ecule for skin health ) It’s like olive oil and balsamic vinegar, fashion and good vibe.
Finally we got to the Chanel Resort. Chanel seem to inspired by Greek Gods.
Chanel resort collection had a lot of pastels, but these two look really stood out. Golden skin, big earrings and neck
lace.VERY chic, VERY resort VERY SIMPLICITY. I feel a lot of chanel resort dresses were made for the Grammys and
special occasion, I don’t know if I want to shop in it, but of course It’s chanel, OUTSTANDING.


Anyone seen Versace Men’s collection? This is SUPER interesting. Versace SS 18 mens collection introduced
OUTSTANDING tailored womenswear, look nothing like Women’s collection they had.
Looked much more modern and constructed, traditional pinstripes and textured,
Perfect for more formal dress-up occassion.
If you are in the mood for fancy dinner, try it out with Mrie or Robella stockings with your favorite red lipstick.
It will deliver sensional allure to your dinner table. Stockings are perfect and instant way to give you the formal look,
and PERFECT way to shape up your sleek legs even sleeker and tighten up.

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