LOVE is A beautiful thing! We deserve the chance to make it healthy and more beautiful,
But sometimes power and controlling bring out the devil you know.
Everything you need to know about relationship and love. When you know, it’s neorgasmic!
Uncomfortable conversation always teaches you a valueble lesson in life. Be Ready!

The Devil You Know

How to find a Healthy Relationship & Keep it Healthy?
Finding a healthy love? Love and relationship advice? The first step is
It’s good to look back “what went wrong in your past relationship.”
Because the devil might rubbed off on your behavior.

“When you find the Devil, you just need to catch it.”

We all have been in a relationship where we felt something wasn’t quite right.
Either considering his feeling too much or not listening to your intuition enough or the opposite.
Whatever the situration you might be in, we find comfort the surroundings we are used to,
and carry out the same behavior you are used to.
“The devil you know.”
It could be scarier than it sounds.

“The real question is, do I have one of those?”

Remember the movie “The Others?” The ghost was Nicole Kidman, she just didn’t realize she was one.
Healthy relationship. That’s what everybody wants right? I hope.
Either getting out of unhealthy relationship or walking into a new relationship,
often times, we carry the same unhealthy behavior from our previous relationship.
Trust me, once we are used to it, it’s harder to recognize.

Before we get into a deep conversation, I was writing at the starbucks on a rainy day.
This Track will lighten up the heavy conversation and energize your mood. TRUST ME.
Anyone a fan of Dave Brubeck?

“Once you Let the devil in, it controls your own mind.”

“Either you are abuser or abused, chances are both of you might not even realize it is happening.
The devil you know doesn’t always stay in the house, it effects everything you do in life.”

Doesn’t it sound scary eough?
Abuse, I used to think it’s such a big word that you hear once in a while on a news.
But seems like these days, you hear a lot often on TV. Don’t you think?
I actually see and hear almost everyday on TV and radio including news, reality shows and the movies.
I know we can’t change the culture in a day, but it’s always better to aware of it.
When did we become so entertained by those behaviors and once we are used to it, that becomes new normal.
Somebody flips a table and scream, the TV rate goes up.
If we all hope for our better future with right education, we could make it happen sooner than you think.

“What is normal?”
I feel there’s no such a thing as normal. Normal is your perspective that created by your standard point.
And we try to live up to it and be all hurt by it.
Just because you are not “normal” doesn’t mean you are wrong or flawed.
“Why can you wear something normal?”
“Thank you, I’m flattered.”
Like Tim Burton said “One person's craziness is another person's reality.”

“The peoeple who were in abusive situration and relationship has more chance to become
an abuser themselves without even realizing it.”

Once you get used to the same patterns, we start normalizing things. That’s when it becomes a real problem.
Don’t let your own mind tricks on you. That’s the devil’s trick.
When you find a problem, point it out and don’t get used to it.

“We are blindsided by our own adjusted mind.”
Suspension of disbelief. Once the situration only gets worse, we tend to act on it and that might be a little too late.
Has anyone watched old movies how men used to treat women? Have you seen those old commericals?
Chances are growing up watching those, the behavior you’ve seen on TV might have rubbed off
on your own behavior more than the person who weren’t exposed to.
No matter what, those behavior is not acceptable. It’s sad to see some of them are also victims in the past.
Past made who we are today, and by recognizing our patterns and issue, you can always change your future.
“Healthy only dates healthy” said Patti Stanger. I LOVE this new season of Millionaire Matchmaker!

“So How do we have a healthy relationship?”
Breaking the devil’s trick might be easier than you think, but harder to recognize it.

“The first step is being healthy minded.”

Most of time people are aware of physical health but it’s always good to remind ourselves,
“Your mental health is just much as important than your physical health or even more.”
If your body is universe, your mind and soul are the ruler of your universe.
Beofore you jump into relationship to relationship, recognize the things didn’t work out in your past relationship.

“Sit with your feelings.”

Take a little time to think. What went wrong, how it happened, why it happened
and most importantly sit with your feeling and acknowledge those issues.
To be able to have a healthy relationship, It’s time for you to recognize your own bad hobbies and scars.
When you recognize the problem, that’s already half of your work is done.
Hard work, well done you!

“Facing it and moving on.”

In that recognizing process, we have to face the scars we had from the past,
and often times we feel the pain, as if it was just yesterday.
But without figuring it out, we don’t truly understand our unhealthy behavior towards to people.
That’s because often times we ignore the healing process, eveything becomes sweeping under the rug,
It becomes your new pattern. Ingoiring the porblem doesn’t give you a fix.
But when you acknowledge the porblems, it gives you the opportunity to solve the porblems. Get it?
What good is life without learning anything.
When you are moving on, feel the freedom on your skin. Don’t forget to look chic! #Neorgasm

“Be optimistic!”
“Just like the bad behaviors and hobbies, good behaviors and healthy hobbies rubbing off on you.”

That’s something you can get used to right? Just like you like to be with somebody who’s happy.
People like to be around people who are happy and positive. Let’s not for get this.

“Friends and neighbors make your community, city, country and the world.”

Don’t forget we are all connected, and everybody effects everyday’s life.
It really takes one person to change someone’s life. Be kind to each others.
Don’t forget you have the power you didn’t realize you had. Now you have the chance to be a superhero!
Start owning your mistake and responsibility. If you get yourself in a trouble, that’s on you.
We all have the power and choice to make your own decision, but don‘t be too harsh on yourself.
( Instead of blaming yourself or others, think how you can make things better )
and Beofre we blaming others, think about your own action.

“Some say finding a new love can heal the scars from your past relationship,”

In the sense of “Just because your previous partner was an ass hole, doesn’t mean your next one is.”
It is true. Be hopeful. Trust me on this.
But when you don’t recognize the porblem, you can’t prevent the same mistakes for the future.
Take a little break, heal yourself before you jump into another relationship.

“Ugh, here I am. I’m back in Bates Motel again!
Why am I always getting into the same unhealthy relationship?”

That’s because you find the comfort in what you are used to. The devil you know.
That is why it is imporant to pill off a bit of your bandage, and see the scars.
Of course whenever you are ready. Don’t pressure yourself in that process.
He may told you or made you feel like you might not be worthy. Say what?
ALWAYS remember the time when he or she approched you for the first time.
You know you deserved every bit of his kindness just like everybody else.
Sit with your feelings and going through your own process.

“Remember, the devil you know uses the same old tricks on you.”

Previously I told you how important recognizing process is.
If the devil in you, made you scream in the past, it will make you want to scream in the similar situration.
If you are used to being screamed at, the chances are you might start thinking that is a part of life.
You can always come up with millions of excuses to adjust his/her or even your own behavior.
When enough is enough. Don’t wait til it gets extreme. Further you go, harder to come back.

“Then how do I filter what’s right and wrong?”

The biggest tip I learned from my past is listening to your intuition.
and pay attention to what your love ones have to say.
Don’t ignore your little voice inside, that’s your intuition telling you.
Do what makes you feel good inside. When you do, you need to understand the difference between
thrilling and good heartwarming. That’s ovbiously two very different feelings.

“Little devil still whispering behind your ear? Recognizing is the most important part.
Either it’s your own abusive behavior or from others, always remind yourself,
You have the power to change and don’t fall back on devil’s same ole trick.”

Remeber if your body is your universe, your mind and soul are the ruler of your universe.
You may not control other people’s action, but you can always control your own action.
Keep it healthy and don’t let the devil fools you ever again! #TimesUp
“Love feels good. You know it.”

NEORGASMIC thinking.

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